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Forum mainly aimed at those on vintage electronic forums who need a place to buy and sell items not specifically related to the topic of their original forum but still related to the enjoyment of putting old things to better use! Please ignore the ads.
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 Forum Rules and Guide Lines: Please Read

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Forum Rules and Guide Lines: Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules and Guide Lines: Please Read   Forum Rules and Guide Lines: Please Read EmptySat Jun 11, 2011 11:10 pm

These are the rules and guide lines that we should follow to use this forum. These are mainly related to posting ads, which is this forum's main purpose. Overall I'm a pretty laid back person and I hope this forum can also keep that ambient.

*Although this forum is open for ads of all kinds, please try to keep things related to electronics and general repair. You do NOT have to follow this strictly.


  1. All members must include their zip code and state in the profile for easy reference when making sales.

  2. When making a sale the first person to post the phrase "I'll take it" "I'll have it" officially puts the item on "hold" as a pending sale. Sellers and/or buyers are not obligated to go through the transaction if a problem arises. Anyone else after can request to have second place in line if the deal falls through. Posts such as "PM coming" or any questions will not be considered an official claim on the item. It is hoped this will prevent confusion during a sale regarding who gets the item. Think of this system as a "buy it now" button. Although questions may express interest in an item (such as asking how much shipping would be) it is not fully known whether or not you are committed to buying it until you state so.

  3. All items posted must be described accurately. Anyone who is not honest in their sales will not be welcomed in this forum and will be banned.

  4. Items with no asking price are allowed but sellers should be responsible in handling offers. No immature or abusive responses if you believe certain offers are too low. Just reject such offers and move on. The same goes for the person offering, no rude behavior insulting a persons ads.

    4B: All offers for items must be posted WITHIN THE THREAD. Seller has the right to chose whichever offer he wishes to take. Seller must let the thread know who he has chosen to take the item.

  5. All serious issues, such as scams, must be reported to the administration.

  6. No sexual content

  7. No religious or political discussions

If you have an issue with a sale or trade, please try to work out the issue with your seller or buyer before making any strong accusations against them. If you feel you have been cheated and have strong reason to believe so, then you have a right to submit a complaint against this person. However all complaints should be civilized, no immature behavior.

Remember that you are responsible in carrying out your sales responsibly.

Thank you and enjoy!
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Forum Rules and Guide Lines: Please Read
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