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PostSubject: F/S NOS/NIB HP 48G RPN GRAPHIC CALCULATOR PRICE LOWERED   Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:17 am

Here is one for you calculator collectors among us! This is an original, new old stock, new in box HP 48G RPN graphing calculator with a whopping 32kb (!) of ram built in, circa 1995, that has never been used and until today was in its protective plastic covering inside it's original package. The manuals and registration card are still shrink wrapped and it even has the engraving plate for personalization. The carry case has never had the calculator in it yet and there are no marks on the calculator itself at all!

Aside from the obvious storage wear on the outer box this thing is mint, absolutely NO fingerprints or dirt on the keyboard area or screen. It does work and I know because I took it out of the plastic covering fearing that it had battery damage and it lit up perfectly showing that the batteries were weak (after 15 years of disuse I'd be weak too!). I removed the factory packed Eveready energizer batteries from the batttery compartment and found that only one of three had indeed leaked but only a little bit and it had not corroded anything as most of the leakage was on the plastic lid and the joiner contact between two of the batteries. I cleaned the residue and as you can see from the photos the compartment is very clean and intact.

Just pop in some new batteries and you're ready to go.

These are a very high quality calculator with many functions and would be especially sought by those who do a lot of design engineering, or possibly someone who does antenna design for propagation calculations. It has a built in library of formula and scientific constants and can send data between another HP 48G/GX series calculator wirelessly, as well as having the ability to communicate with either a Mac or Windows computer via serial interface with adapters available on FleBay.

I am selling this unit as-is including shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation for $100. Payment via Paypal is preferred and I use my email address to receive payments. The pictures say it all. this is a time capsule calculator and a real deal for the price.

7-17-11 PRICE LOWERED TO $75
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