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Forum mainly aimed at those on vintage electronic forums who need a place to buy and sell items not specifically related to the topic of their original forum but still related to the enjoyment of putting old things to better use! Please ignore the ads.
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 Forum Informacion, Mission, and Contact.

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Forum Informacion, Mission, and Contact. Empty
PostSubject: Forum Informacion, Mission, and Contact.   Forum Informacion, Mission, and Contact. EmptySat Jun 11, 2011 10:35 pm


I created this forum as a new avenue for people from the antique radio forum to be able to buy sell and trade items.

With the forum rules at the website being very limited there is not much one can sell outside of the antique radio topic. Since I know the people of that forum to be very handy, smart, skilled people who are interested in a WIDE variety of things, I think it is a very good thing to have another place were they can come and trade in everything else that fuels their interests. I also know that the people of ARF are very trustworthy friendly people so having a place where we all can all trade, buy, and sell among people who we can trust is a very good thing. This is especially true since many do not want to trust or bother with eBay.

Although I'd like to keep our forum mainly repair/handy man related, feel free to post anything you'd like.

If you are having issues registering, signing in, or any other concerns please email us at
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Forum Informacion, Mission, and Contact.
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